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My Japanese Class Friends ~ たのしいおもいで。
I've been wanting to learn Japanese for quite a long time ago. I only got the chance to realize it 2 months ago. Just nice to fill up my weekend since my best friend decided to move to South Korea :(

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Overall I would say I enjoy every lesson with good teacher and great friends :) みんな さん すき だ ~~~

Beef Pasta ala Hong Kong
Spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, pasta alfredo, pasta carbonara...hmmm... I love them all. I love pasta, especially the creamy one ;P Well, I've been eating most of pasta with tomato and creamy sauce, feel like eating something different. What about pasta with Asian spices? Worth to try, rite? Let's try this one... I happened to found this recipe when I dug out my old recipe files from femina. Originally Beef Fettuccine ala HongKong from Dapur Populer. I happened to bought wrong pasta, fusilli.. :P Taste just fine! :)

As always..femina recipes are always tasty, yummy and easy to make :)

For : 6 portion
Calorie per portion : 441

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Jamie Oliver's Grill Prawn/Fish
Jamie's recipes are always easy to follow and so far they never fail in satisfying my appetite, as well as my family's & friends' ^^

Marinate approx. half kg of prawns/fish with:
  • 2 stalks of fresh lemongrass - cut away the grass, cut the stalks 2cm
  • 1 old ginger - cut 1cm
  • 4-5 pieces of  fresh kafir lime leaves (use more for more fragrance, and pound the leaves' bone to enhance the fragrance)
~pound lemongrass + ginger + lime leaves~ then add:
  • 2 pieces of lime/lemon - cut into 4
  • 2 cayenne pepper - cut 2cm (use more if you don't mind a bit spicy)
~and pound some more~ then add:
  • 8 tablespoon of kikkoman soy sauce (I'm not too sure if kikkoman contains a bit of alcohol, please find the one with halal label to be safe, I normally use Tai Hua)
  • 8 tablespoon of olive oil
~mixed 'em altogether and marinate to the prawn/fish for at least one hour~

You may use charcoal grill or non-stick pan to BBQ 'em. I normally use non-stick pan as I like to enjoy the pepper and lemon as much as I love the prawns ^^

I recommend not to peel off the prawn skin as I find they're more tasty with it.  Btw.. I really forgot to take the BBQ-ed prawns pics as they disappeared within minutes into my bro's tummy :P

meeooowww.... 4 kittens ~
kawaii neko
Somehow...My family is always surrounded by cats and kittens. Not that I wish to be a kittensitter during my one week stay @ home. Happened to be that my parents didn't have a heart to let 4 kittens cried all day in hunger without their mother. So.. my parents adopted them and bring them home. They said they've been crying for 2 days and nobody bother.

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Quite troublesome to take care of 4 kittens, but somehow I enjoyed it ;) Here they are.. taken during feeding time.

Amazing Food Race
candy duckie

This year family day outing is out to play and exercise in the sun. Happened to be today was very sunny and bright. Hmmm...we should name it "Amazing HOT race" instead ;) SENTOSA was indeed an ideal place to do so. And this year theme is to live healthier and balancing your work with your life. The organizer was from MyKenzen.

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Overall..I enjoyed the outing. Great outing with fun people! ^_^

Oh yeah..we got 3rd place in the race :) Not bad huh? Each of us got free GV movie tix ;)


PS: I actually did not help much with the race. I was the photographer of the day ^^

“Do something that you love everyday”
Do smthg u love

That's a small note my colleague pass me that I stick on my desk wall. Somehow...reading it can lighten my burden when my works stress me too much :) I'm always looking forward to do things that I love and enjoy.

I think it's important to have activities or things that you love, so if you’re feeling blue you know what can boost your mood again.

I felt so gloomy this morning. Most probably due to lack of sleep, cos I’ve been transferring my recipes to a new book (the old one looked soooo terribly OLD n yellowish) these few days. And I got up quite early this morning cos I was supposed to attend a talk with my friend at 10 a.m. Happened to be she cancel it and I didn’t feel like going either ‘cos we went there yesterday. So since I already woke up n prepared, it’ll be a waste if I just stay at home but somehow I really felt super moody n lazy to do anything :|

People said exercise will make you happy due to some hormones.. So eventho’ I wasn’t in the mood, I decided to do the things that I like, swimming.. At this swimming pool ...

So I did swim for 22 laps and true enough I felt slightly better afterwards :) Right after swimming I did my prayer and eat my fave steamed chicken rice. I got 2 choices to do tonite, first is to attend the talk by Harun Yahya Foundation with my friend or go for reciting the Al-Quran class.

Finally.. I decided to go for Al-Quran class since I haven’t read it for quite sometimes. So..at least my Sunday is not wasted with my gloominess n moodiness :)

~ after the class ~ I’m glad that I went for my class. After my turn reciting one short surah (Al-Qadr), I happened to open Translations of the Al-Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Think every Muslims should have this book on their book shelf. It's a very good translations book of the Al-Quran.

And I read the explanation on the opening chapter, Surah Al-Fatihah. Let me share with you a bit of what I read just now.

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Oh..lately listening to 関ジャニ∞ ~ ローリング・コースター "PUZZLE" Remix can also boost my mood .. I just love the song.

Tumis Daging Paprika
chuck & snoopy

Got this recipe from the bonus of  Primarasa "reuni & arisan meriah". You may want to get your own book, there's lotsa interesting recipes inside :)

As always, recipes from Primarasa (seri masak femina) are always good and so far if you follow the directions close enough.. you won't fail :) Click this website for some interesting recipes (only in bahasa) Femina Online

Recipe is in bahasa, following all the steps from the booklet.

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~brotherhood~ BIMOVER
BIMOVER to me..

A place where I found the meaning of true friends, where I suddenly have more brothers and finally have sisters :)

Where I experienced adventures that I've never imagined before...
  • Never imagine that I would had earthworm as my lunch ;P
  • Never imagine that I would be at the top of some amazing mountains... where I felt simply NOTHING compares to Allah's creations

  • "I believe I can fly" .. and I did ;D
  • Rafting during peak rainy season where we did not realized that our lives were on the line..
It was like my second home where I always feel welcomed and loved, even up to now :)

Cheesecake Brownies
"Hi Maya. We'll be having end of the year BBQ next week. Everyone was asking about your fudgy brownies. We all miss it! :)"

And there you are..the so called fudgy cheesecake brownies. I was so delighted to see my friends were enjoying it and when they commented "it's very nice", "hmm..as good as always", "i think you should open your own cake shop". Hahaahaa...is it really that good? Well...you should try this recipe to prove it :)

I got this recipe from this lovely and yummy website
A cat in the kitchen I just slightly reduce the ingredients to fit my 20x20 cm pan.

Preparation time: 35 minutes
Cooking Time: 45 minutes

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Mango Cheese Cake

Another cheesecake & cold dessert. No baking is required :)

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